Mesotherapy treats skin ageing and hair loss.

What is it?

Mesotherapy is a medical treatment involving sub-cutaneous micro-injections of active nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymatic cofactors and hyaluronic acid. Pioneered by the French physician, Dr Michel Pistor in 1952, mesotherapy is based on the concept of injecting small quantities at the right place in order to deliver substances directly in the troubled area. This technique provides protection against free radicals responsible for skin ageing, restores hydration and tones up to the skin.

What is the procedure?

The doctor prepares a cocktail of active ingredients tailored to the patient's needs and injects this natural medication immediately beneath the surface of the skin using extremely fine needles. A mesotherapy treatment lasts 45 minutes.

What can be treated?

Number of sessions?

A series of weekly sessions to begin with, followed by monthly treatments to maintain results.

Side effects?

The micro-injections can provoke slight redness and bruises, but will soon disappear after the treatment.


Skin ageing: preventive at 30 years old and corrective at 40 years old. The skin is rehydrated and fine lines are progressively reduced. Helps restore radiance and vitality to a skin damaged by unhealthy lifestyle.

Hair loss: mesotherapy slows down hair loss for both men and women and can stimulate its growth within 6 months.

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