Lightening Peel

Lightening Peel

Fades away brown spots and other pigmented lesions, evens out skin tone.

What is the procedure?

Your therapist will cleanse and prepare the skin with a special lotion to optimize the penetration of the mandelic acid solution; she will then apply the peel solution on the skin surface of the areas that present the spots (face, decollete, and/or hands).

The Dermamelan mask is used to treat Melasma, those brown patches that appear most often on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip area, also called "pregnancy mask". The Dermamelan is a brownish paste that is applied, like a mask, for as long as 8 -10 hours. The results are amazing but require a strict treatment follow-up.

What can be treated?


The lightening substances contained in spot-peels get rid of excess melanin in the skin, and slows-down its production. As a result, fewer brown spots, more even skin tone, and generally more youthful looking skin.

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