Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

The laser beam used in order to destroy remove tattoos reach colour pigments inside the skin layers without damaging the upper skin texture. Tattoo colour pigment absorbs the laser light converts light energy into sound and light. The procedure consists of decomposing the large pieces of pigments inside the skin into small pieces without damaging the surrounding tissues thanks to the released concentrated laser energy. Body’s immune system absorbs and destroys decomposed tattoo pigments in an easier manner.

Can every tattoo be removed?

Mostly the removal of tattoos is universal, but this rule is not without exceptions. Nowadays, tattoo removal devices are produced with the latest technology. Although it is possible to erase some main tattoo colours, unfortunately, elements such as purple, pink, yellow some variations of tan- coloured and white tattoos cannot be erased with the laser technology. Therefore, we suggest individuals who would want to consider possible removal of tattoo in the future to avoid the use of difficult or nearly impossible non-erasable colours.

How many sessions do laser tattoo removal procedure take?

The number and frequency of sessions in tattoo removal depends on used colours, technique, and the amount of injected paint as well as on the type of laser.

What is the interval between sessions?

Intervals vary from 4 to 6 weeks.

Can intervals between sessions be reduced?

Post –removal crusting formation over the skin takes 3 to 4 days to heal completely. Even if the upper layer of the skin may seem recovered, the process of removal of the paint from the body is still going on. Therefore, the materials to be removed from the skin must be taken away as much as possible going along with the recovery of the skin supporting tissue. Secondary or next sessions is tattoo removal are proceeded in 6 to 8 weeks. Sometimes intervals may be considered to be longer. However, if you wish to be takes to a sessions earlier, intervals between sessions can be kept reduced.

What is the reason of the lack of post –removal results over some cases?

This is completely normal. The desired result after a laser tattoo removal treatment varies from one patient to another depending on the paint used for tattooing, the technique and the reaction of patient’s body to laser treatment.

Is there any limitation after the laser treatment?

There will be certain redness and crusting over the skin in the next 3 to 4 days to follow the treatment. During this period sea or pool activities may be controversial. The area should be cleaned up with an appropriate cleaner, closed up and protected from the external environment for the next 2 to 3 days.

Is it possible to remove only a part of the tattoo?

Yes. Extremely thin and precise laser techniques are used in order to erase only an article or writing from the entire tattoo.

Is it possible to remove permanent makeup with tattoo removal laser treatment?

Some permanent make up paints have metallic infrastructure. When the laser beam touches the surface of this metallic basis they may turn black, which can make the treatment much more complicated. This blackness does not respond to laser removal treatment techniques, but can be removed with a laser peeling procedure. The above mentioned procedure bears risks such as staining, keloids or scaring. Therefore, treatment range over tan- colored, red or mixed colored permanent makeup remains limited.

Does laser tattoo removal procedure leave scars over the skin surface?

In the majority of cases laser tattoo removal methods do not bear the risk of scaring or stain formation after the procedure. However, as every medical procedure, it carries certain risks. The skin, as every other organ, is a viable structure exposed to possible dangers. If the case has in its medical history any previous scaring, keloids or hypertrophic, the possibility to develop post- treatment complications increases. If the patient follows strictly the prescribed procedure before and after the treatment, the removal procedure should generally take place with no complications.

Is laser tattoo removal procedure painful?

The feeling of pain is personal. The pain feeling level may vary from one patient to another for the same procedure. In general, to reduce the pain over patients with a low level of pain tolerance anesthetics cream or cooling procedure is applied in order to decrease the pain sensation over the area.

What preparation is required before the procedure?

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