Laser Spot Removal

Laser Spot Removal

Q-Switched lasers eliminate lentigos and freckles.

What is it?

Medical laser therapy is the safest, most efficient and definitive way to remove brown spots from the skin.

The face, decollete, hands and arms are the first parts of the body to show age spots because they receive so much sun exposure.

Lasers can remove 90-95% of pigmented lesions effectively. The intense light that is emitted by Tribeam and Ruby lasers has a wavelength that is absorbed only by the melanin pigment that has accumulated in the skin and that form the dark spot; laser spot removal is precise and rapid.

What is the procedure?

Your therapist will assess the nature of your skin lesions and your expectations. Once the spot removal treatment begins, the laser's energy is delivered in pulses via a handpiece held very close to your skin. As the laser pulses, you may feel a slight sting. A laser spot removal procedure lasts about 30 minutes.

Typically only 1 or 2 sessions are all that is necessary. Occasionally darker, larger spots may require additional treatment to obtain optimal results.

What can be treated?

Side effects?

Following the laser treatment, there may be a little discoloration. After several days a small crust will form and fall off within 7-14 days.


Laser spot removal reveals a healthy, fresher and younger-looking skin.

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