Laser Acne Treatment

Laser Acne Treatment

TheraClear™, is a breakthrough acne treatment that combines a gentle vacuum with pulses of laser energy to improve the appearance of skin. This FDA-approved acne treatment technology is safe to use on all skin types.

How TheraClear™ works

The hand piece device is placed directly on the treatment area.

TheraClear™ uses vacuum technology to safely and comfortably remove acne-causing bacteria and thoroughly cleanse the skin.

Therapeutic light from the hand piece destroys bacteria.

TheraClear™ treatment is completed when the pores are cleansed.

The TheraClear™ system combines two different methods for effectively treating acne. First, vacuum therapy is applied to the skin to unclog pores and rid the skin of blackheads. Next, a light is used to eliminate the bacteria associated with acne production.

Your acne can be treated if two basic conditions are addressed. First, it’s important to stop the oil glands from becoming plugged. TheraClear™ accomplishes this by using a vacuum to clean pores and extract the buildup of sebaceous material. Next, it’s crucial to reduce the bacteria that reside in the glands, which can ultimately lead to inflammation. A broadband light (BBL™) is used to destroy acne-causing bacteria and decrease oil production.

Is TheraClear™ treatment painful?

TheraClear™ is quick and virtually painless. As there is no pain to speak of, anesthesia is not necessary.

How many treatments are needed?

Most patients will see results after one treatment. However, a series of TheraClear™ treatments may be necessary to reach desired results. Treatments are generally performed one to two weeks apart. Overall, a total of four to five treatments are necessary to achieve optimal results. Consult with your provider to determine the severity of your acne and how many treatments are necessary for your skin.

Who is a good candidate for TheraClear™?

Nearly everyone who suffers from acne can make a good candidate for TheraClear™ acne treatment. Since TheraClear™ is gentle on the skin, it can even be used by teenagers. Consult with your provider about your need for TheraClear™ , before-and-after pictures, and whether or not this treatment option is right for you.

What do I need to know post procedure?

Unlike many other types of treatment, TheraClear™ does not require any downtime post-treatment. It’s not uncommon for patients to experience mild erythema or slight redness of the skin after treatment. These mild side effects usually resolve quickly.

TheraClear™ noticeably reduces the appearance of acne right after the very first treatment, and the most visible results occur after the third treatment session. This acne system is highly effective at unclogging the skin’s pores and clearing up acne. TheraClear™ can also reduce the size of pores and improve the skin’s overall appearance and texture. For the best results, consider undergoing at least five treatments spaced one to two weeks apart.

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