Brightening Peel

Brightening Peel

Activates cellular renewal for a new, glowing skin.

Brightening peels at Elit:

What is the procedure?

Your therapist will thoroughly cleanse, degrease, and prepare the skin to optimize the penetration of the peel solution; she will then apply the peel solution on the skin surface of the treated areas, avoiding the eyes and mouth. The peel concentration and the application time vary according to skin type. After the peel is rinsed off, the treated skin is soothed by a mask specifically adapted to skin condition.

Skin'Eclipse is a device designed by one of our nurses specialized in peels - Nadia Leonardi. It completes the brightening peel with a treatment by electroporation and LED chromo-therapy. Specifically adapted to oriental skin type.

What can be treated?


Ideal before a night out, the brightening peel makes your skin glow instantaneously. You will notice improved skin texture and appearance. A healthy and radiant skin is like a smile... simply irresistible!

Performed regularly and coupled with the right skin care products, peels are fundamental to your skin’s health and beauty.

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