Acne Treatment Peel

Acne Treatment Peel

Treats blemishes, purifies pores, fades away acne spots.

Anti-acne peels at Elit:

What is the procedure?

Your therapist will thoroughly cleanse, degrease, and prepare the skin to optimize the penetration of the peel solution; she will then apply the peel solution on the skin surface of the treated areas (face and/or back). The peel concentration and the application time vary according to skin type and acne lesions. After rinsing-off the peel and extraction of black and white heads, the treated skin is soothed by a mask specifically adapted to skin condition.

The Vitamin A mask uses a concentrated solution of vitamin A coupled with a thermal mask to accelerate and optimize penetration and treatment. The temperature rises gradually up to about 37°C.

What can be treated?


Acne treatment peels solve various acne problems, improve skin texture, purify pores, and fade away the spots that persist after a skin breakout. Performed regularly, acne treatment peels restore a healthy, blemish-free skin.

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